Everett's English Classes


6th Grade English

Independent Group Reading Project
Create a presentation on Google Slides in which you do the following:
1) Present a summary of the book with a picture of the book cover.
2) Describe three of the main characters: Explanation should include a description of each character (physical and mental), a quote that reveals something significant about the character, and an explanation of what the quote reveals. You should also have an image of someone that you think looks like the character.
3) An explanation of the main theme of the book with a corresponding image.
4) An Opening Slide with the title of your presentation and your group names.
5) A Closing Slide that lists the online resources that you used in your presentation (websites where you got your images)

Total of 5 images, 7 slides = Each slide is worth up to 10 points
Presentation to the class = 30 points, presentations will be Thursday (or the next school day if we have snow)

7th Grade English


8th Grade English